Biography and Temple History of Sant Dadu Dayal – Major Temples of Rajasthan » Chronicles

Biography and Temple History of Sant Dadu Dayal - Major Temples of Rajasthan » Chronicles

Saint Grandfather Dayal Of life Introduction And Temple account

Hello friends, it is said that India has been sitting on the title of Vishwa Guru since the time immemorial. The main reason for this integrity is the arrival of saints on this holy land. In India, many sages and saints have taken birth and rejuvenated the stream of India with a saint’s shadow. That is why India is called as the golden bird as well as the world guru. The scriptures, Puranas, stores of knowledge that were created here by the grace of saints are unique. Bharat Khand can never forget the benevolence of sages and saints today. Today, in this article about one such great saint “Shri Dadu Dayal Maharaj”, we will try to present the introduction of life in simple words by bowing at the feet of Maharaj Dadu Dayal. Let’s know the temple travelogue and biography of Sant Dadu Dayal Maharaj >>>

Saint Grandfather King Of Temple account

During his lifetime, Saint Dadu Maharaj told the world to superstition worldly customs, idol worship etc. He sang his composition for the welfare of the world, this composition is known as “Dadu Vani”. All the followers chant Dadu Vani as a chalisa. Many Peeths and temples are established in India of Sant Dayal Maharaj. But more of their backs and temples are seen in Rajasthan. Located in the Rajasthan province of India, near Narena-Sambhar and Bichun village of Jaipur district, “Bhairana Dham” where a temple named “Dado Palka” is established. In all the temples of Dayal Maharaj, the superiority is given to Dadu Palka Dham only. Because the last darshan of Dayal Maharaj was done at this place.

The followers believe that Dayal Maharaj did not leave his body, Shivam had sent a divine palanquin for him from heaven and Dayal Maharaj had left in Devlok sitting in this palanquin, that is why the place named Bhairana is known as Dadu Palka. Goes.

Today this place is known as a pilgrimage all over India. A huge event is organized at this place on the last date of Sant Dayal Maharaj i.e. Antardhayan Diwas. In which devotees from all corners of the country take advantage of this auspicious occasion.

Mr Grandfather King Of life Introduction

Saint Poet Dadu Dayal was born on Falgun Sudi 8th Thursday in Samvat 1601 (1544 AD). The place of birth was in India’s Pawan Dhara Ahmedabad (Gujarat). There is a state of confusion and difference of opinion among historians regarding the biography of poet Sant Dadu. Because his followers believe that Saint Dadu was not born. He was found swimming in a basket in the form of a small child in the Sabarmati river. Anyway, historians do not have any verifiable comment on the mystery of birth. The number of his followers is more visible in Rajasthan. Most of the life of the poet saint was spent in places like Narena, Sambhar etc. located in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. Dayal Maharaj’s Peeth has been established at these places. Dadu Dayal was a poet and he has composed many works for social welfare during his lifetime. The main compositions of his poetic compositions include Sakhi, Padya, Hardevani, Angavadhu.

Dadu was a Dhuniya by profession and was a contemporary of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1627–58). Gradually, his interest started moving towards religious tendency. His belief was detached from idol worship and worldly customs. They used to chant the name of Ram and they believed that we are all slaves of the name of Ram and we should remain slaves of the name of Shri Ram. In the same way, the name of Ram was given great importance among the followers. We are all slaves of Ram, so all the saints considered the name of Das to be the main basis of Shri Dadu Panth. Das went on getting associated with the names of all the saints in the Dadu cult.

Most of the life of Sant Dayal Maharaj was spent in Rajasthan. According to Chandrika Prasad Tripathi, he was born in Ahmedabad. He lived in Ahmedabad till the age of 18. For 6 years roamed in Madhya Pradesh. Later Narena located in Jaipur district of Rajasthan which is located near Sambhar region. Most of the saint’s time was spent in Narena.

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sant dadu dayal ki jivani

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