How to reach Dubai from Delhi?


Dubai It is the ultimate destination that gives jaw-dropping experiences that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Being a land of luxury, it enthralls the tourists of the world with its modern and innovative landscapes. At every corner, you stumble upon its posh beauty in the form of skyscrapers, stunning dunes, opulent villas, Michelin-starred restaurants, charming bars and luxury boutiques. This fascinating tourism experience is already open to Indian tourists. Yes! Dubai is widely opening its golden door to quench the thirst of Indian travelers. Yes, Delhiites! And it is your call to find a way to reach Dubai from Delhi so that you can enjoy your much awaited vacation to the fullest.

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How to reach Dubai from Delhi?

Have you been waiting so long to pack your bags and land in Dubai for some skydiving, romantic dining, camel rides and stargazing? With Dubai welcoming Indian travelers with valid passports and visas, it is your time. Dubai welcomed nearly 2 million Indian visitors in 2019. After the long break you gave for your travel ventures, you cannot miss this opportunity to visit Dubai before the end of 2021. And here is an ultimate guide for you with various ways to reach Dubai from Delhi so that you can find the one that best suits your purpose, budget and personality.

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How to reach Dubai from Delhi by Air?

Reach Dubai by Air from Delhi
image Source: Pixabay

If you want to take an easy and hassle free way to reach Dubai from Delhi, then taking a flight would be the best option. With Udaan Journey, you will experience the highest level of comfort. Plus, your arrival process will be the best in the world’s most famous and busiest airport, Dubai International Airport in United Arab Emirates.

Being a famous city, you can expect many direct flights from New Delhi. Begin your journey by checking-in at Indira Gandhi International Airport. The flight covers a distance of 2,204 kms to reach Dubai International Airport. With so many airline services offering direct flights, you can expect your journey to be smooth. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to avail this cheap.

As an Indian resident, you need to apply for a visa to visit Dubai. Due to the pandemic, you must follow the COVID-19 safety protocols. So make sure to check if you meet the requisite criteria before booking your tickets.

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Delhi to Dubai direct airlines

Delhi to Dubai direct airlines
image Source: Pixabay
  • Air India
  • Etihad Airways
  • air india express
  • Emirates
  • fly dubai
  • blue
  • SpiceJet
  • Vistara
  • Gulf Air

Average air travel time from Delhi to DubaiI

The flight from New Delhi Airport to Dubai International Airport, excluding the departure formalities and arrival formalities, takes approximately 3 hours 43 minutes.

Delhi to Dubai airfare

Ticket price ranges between 8,900 INR – 24,000 INR.

Average flights per week from New Delhi to Dubai

Regularly, you can expect to fly from New Delhi to Dubai on average 34 flights per week.

Dubai International Airport

it’s close to Dubai CityThat is, about 5 km from the city. Since it is well connected, you can easily reach by bus, taxi or metro for your stay. If you are comfortable with public transport, use the Metro or Dubai Airport Bus, it will be cost-effective.

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How to travel from Delhi to Dubai by road?

Dubai via roads from Delhi
image Source: unsplash

Roadways may not be an ideal way to reach Dubai from Delhi. But, if you are looking for an adventure or have enough time on your vacation, nothing can beat a road trip to Dubai. Dubai Road is on the eastern side of the area. But you can do this only through Oman. You don’t need any permits during your road trip. But, make sure to carry 3000 Omani Rial, which you will have to pay as exit charge. Keep the payment receipt safe, as you will be asked again on your way back home.

Be sure to travel in a sturdy car and carry spare tires. Since traveling by car requires a little more effort on your part, carry more fuel, oil, first aid kit, spare parts and more to avoid any accidents. Avoid going on your road trip during the winter season. And stick to the map.

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Average time road trip takes from Delhi to Dubai

If you are traveling by road then it takes around 60 hours to reach Dubai from New Delhi. The time may increase if you take frequent breaks between your trips.

How to travel from Delhi to Dubai by sea?

Travel from Delhi to Dubai by sea
image Source: unsplash

Since there is no direct route to cruise from Delhi, the only way to travel from Delhi to Mumbai and reach Dubai is by sea. If your only objective is to spend your entire vacation in Dubai, then skip this option. It would be a roundabout route and would steal more time. So a trip to Dubai would be a must for those who want a luxurious and extravagant sail to the shores of Dubai. The first step is to take a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. From there reach Mumbai port. Choose your preferred choice of cruise. Jalesh cruise would be the best as it is the most famous cruise chosen by many Indian tourists who are looking for a comfortable sail. The distance by sea route from Mumbai to Dubai will be around 6645 kms.

Your entire trip will be satisfying as you have everything from DJ nights, fancy spa, golf course, swimming pool to workspace and lounge bar. So expect a grand ride with best rooms, services and food to be up to the mark. Do not forget to carry valid ID proof, passport and other required documents.

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Average time taken to travel from Delhi to Dubai

Flight from Delhi to Mumbai – approx 2 hours.

Cruise from Mumbai to Dubai – 3 days / 4-5 day tour (as per your choice).

Delhi to Dubai cruise fare (via Mumbai)

If you choose Jalesh Cruises, the fare will be between 25,000 INR – 37,000 INR. Remember, the price may vary according to the rooms you choose.

Frequently asked questions regarding traveling from Delhi to Dubai

Which month is the cheapest to fly from New Delhi to Dubai?

If you want to save money then October would be the ideal month to fly as ticket fares will drop to the lowest price.

What is the time difference between Dubai and New Delhi?

The time difference between New Delhi and Dubai is 2 hours 30 mins.

Is it mandatory to carry RT-PCR certificate to travel to Dubai?

Yes. You will have to undergo RT-PCR test for COVID-19 within 2 days of your travel. And it is mandatory to carry the negative certificate as proof.

Are people taking Covaxin as a vaccine allowed to enter Dubai?

Approved vaccines are Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Covishield. Therefore, people who have taken Covaxin as a vaccine are not allowed.

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