Interesting Facts About Manipur

ऐतिहासिक और धार्मिक स्‍थलों का संगम : पठानकोट

Delicious food of Manipur

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The food of Manipuri is generally healthy and vegetarian. All its dishes are simple and delicious. The staple diet of Manipuri people usually consists of rice, fish and both seasonal vegetables. People of Manipur, who love healthy and vegetarian food, use a lot of spices and herbs in their food. With their use of spices and herbs such as hooker chives, mint, coriander, cumin and black pepper, they mostly use up excess oil in food. Don’t miss out on tasting Chamthong, one of the most savory and delectable dishes of the state in Manipur.

Ima Keithel Women's Market

Ima Keithel Women’s Market

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The literal meaning of the word ‘ima’ in Manipuri is the English word ‘mother’ meaning mother. This market is entirely run by women and Ima Keithel is a 500 year old market, which represents the life and ethos of a state where women have long been at the forefront of commerce and socio-political aspects. Situated in the heart of Manipur, this historical site of Imphal has long been an important trading center of the state. This crowded market offers a wide variety of things like trendy clothes, vegetables, jewellery, colorful clothes, spices etc. You can get to see the true colors of this state in the streets of Ima Keithel.

Manipuri Fashion

Manipuri Fashion

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Manipur is a center of indigenous culture and traditions and hence the clothing and clothing styles of the Manipuri people are also inspired by their one-of-a-kind culture. From elegantly embroidered to skillful textiles, the indigenous handicrafts of tribal artisans are a treasure trove of magic and wonder. Manipuris dressing in vibrant and sumptuous traditional costumes and gleaming handicrafts are enough to grab your attention.

Origin of the game from Manipur

Origin of the game from Manipur

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The game of polo is associated with the soil of Manipur. The polo here is locally known as ‘Sagol Kanjei’. Now the game of polo is played all over the world. The state has many indigenous sports such as ‘ubi lakpi’ which is an individualized version of rugby in which seven barefoot players use a coconut instead of a ball. Other such home games are ‘Oolabi’, played only by women in Raiders and Assers teams; ‘Mukna’ is a traditional form of wrestling and ‘Hayang Tannaba’ is a specific type of boating rowing race.



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