NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort, Maldives – Enjoy your luxury holidays!

NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort

Maldives Mostly known for its tropical atmosphere, romance and luxurious accommodation! Every resort/hotel in Maldives has its own uniqueness and so is the Nakai Dhigagiri resort. It has a restaurant, gym, a bar and shared lounge and is located in Fulidhoo. It is a few steps away from Dhigiri Beach and offers a private beach area as well as water sports facilities.

Accommodation is luxurious, with 24-hour front desk, room service, continental or breakfast buffet, and currency exchange facilities for guests. The rooms here are very comfortable, offering security and privacy to their customers and you can go on the terrace, play billiards and table tennis, and try windsurfing and canoeing (very popular in the area). You can reach the resort directly from Male International Airport as its distance is only 60 kms. You can also take advantage of facilities including paid airport shuttle service, free Wi-Fi, beach, tea/coffee makers in all rooms, currency exchange facility, and much more.

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surrounding environment

Restaurants & Cafes

  • Restaurant Dhigi – Over Water Restaurant (0.2 Km) – This is a wonderful restaurant that offers its customers scrumptious cuisines and fulfills their desires. You have so many options to enjoy and enjoy your time.
  • Restaurant Barabaru (4 km) – Barabaru Restaurant is also a good place to visit and eat. This is one such restaurant that combines the unique flavors in Maldives with the fresh local seafood and gives it a twist.
  • Sunset Pool Bar (4 km) – With a tranquil atmosphere, mesmerizing views, friendly staff and a peaceful atmosphere, this is a great place to have a peaceful and delicious meal.

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Natural beauty

  • Miyaru Kandu Dive Site (3.2 km) – The word Miyaru means “shark” in Dhivehi and is a very common name in Maldives. If lucky enough, you might even spot a shark and a few more sea creatures.
  • Manta Point (3.2 km) – The diving at Manta Point is great and the visibility is good (10 – 30 metres). The average depth is 18 m / 59.1 ft and the maximum depth you can reach is 37 m / 121.4 ft.

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beach in the neighborhood

  • Dhiggiri Beach (50 m) – Nearest beach where you can relax and take part in water sports activities. This is a very beautiful soft sand beach and is famous among many visitors.
  • Fulidhoo Island Beach (9 km) – It is a little far but still a great place to visit.
Nakai Dhiggiri Resort
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nearest airport

  • Male International Airport (60.3 km) – The resort offers airport shuttle to its customers.

Know these things before going to Maldives

  1. In the Maldives, not all islands are inhabited; Only about 2000 of the 200 islands are inhabited.
  2. The population of Maldives is 100% Islamic, therefore, you have to take care of some basic things like full covered clothing for both men and women, no drinking alcohol in inhabited islands, weekend holidays are on Fridays and Saturdays, and so on. Like.
  3. Alcohol, bathing suits and public displays of affection are prohibited in the inhabited islands.
  4. Each resort has its own private island with no such restrictions as discussed above!
  5. Use a highly protective sunscreen lotion to protect you from burns as Maldives is located close to the equator.
  6. Don’t expect fast Wi-Fi everywhere as Maldives is a remote chain of islands and will not have the kind of connectivity you might expect in a big city.
  7. Take off your shoes while going to a local’s house or going to a mosque.

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Nakai Dhiggiri Resort
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Frequently asked questions about NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort

Does NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort offer airport shuttle access to its guests?

Yes, Nakai Dhigagiri Resort offers airport shuttle to its guests.

Are pets allowed at NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort?

No, pets are not allowed at NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort.

What are the popular attractions around NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort?

You can visit Miyaru Kandu Dive Site, Manta Point, Dhigagiri Beach, Fulidhoo Island Beach and some cafes/restaurants.

What room facilities are available at NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort?

The rooms at NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort are very comfortable; Offer your customers security and privacy with free Wi-Fi in all rooms, beach view, AC, private balcony, room service, safe, mini bar, refrigerator and tea/coffee maker.

Is NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort good for family stay?

Yes, without any doubt, Nakai Dhigiri Resort is good for a family stay.

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With ample facilities to enjoy, you can have a luxurious stay at NAKAI Dhiggiri Resort. Take a trip to Maldives and have a great tropical vacation. Check out PicYourTrail for the best deals on Maldives Holiday PackagesYou can also customize your itinerary yourself with your preferences. still waiting?


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